Patch per Structure

Ognuno dei tre Sound Set è diviso in pacchetti, bisogna scaricare tutti i pacchetti del Sound Set prescelto per poi passare alla decompressione, inserendo la password 26485.


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Dirty Rhodes
Acoustic Bass
Stereo Steel Guitar
606 Dance Kit
Wet Bass with Rumble
Gtr Chords
Glass Meditation Pad
Roland JP8000 Pad
Memory Moog Bass
Juno 60
Vocal Ahhs with Cool End
Fender Precision
Boss Dr Rhythm 55
Analogue Bell 5ths
Dave Gilmour
Chorus Strat
Prophet Pad
70’s Rock Organ
Omni Steam
French Horns
Orchestral Strings
Kraftwerk Bass
St Elmo’s Pad
The Aliens Have Returned
Rock Kit
FM Synth 1
DX7 Bass
Omni – Afro-Steam
Dirty Rave Synth
Chamber Section
Nylon Magic Pad
Loops and Breaks
DX7 Sweep Synth
Heaven’s Organ
Tele Dirt
Sweet Harmonics
Strat Chords Key of G
Clean Ultra Strat
Hybrid Analogue Bass
Hybrid Fat MKS80
Hybrid Analogue Pluck
Hybrid Hollow Seq
Alesis HR16
Orchestral Percussion
Slumdog Percussion
Slumdog Sitar
Mellotron Strings
Memory Moog Hard Lead
Oberheim Pad
Pro One Lead
5 String Fretless bass
Fender Jazz bass
Picked Rock Bass
Rickenbacker 4003
Jazz Kit
Kicks - with Eq and Comp options
Snares - with Eq and Comp options
Live Studio Kit
Trip Hop Kit
FM Metal Patch
FM Warmth
FM Wonder Clav
Scritti FM Piano
Studio Drum Kit 2
Urban Dance Kit
Urban Dance Kit 2
Urban Kit 3
DX7 Electric Piano
Rhodes MKII
Tramps Logic Patch
Wurly - Wurlitzer
Oxygen Synth 1
Oxygen Synth 2
Pro Studio Bass
Temple Percussion
SH101 Hard Lead
SH101 PWM Dirt
SH101 Smooth Reso Lead
SH101 Stereo Square
Juno 106 Bass
Juno 106 Poly Synth
Juno 106 Rich Poly
Juno 106 Square Echo
D50 Fantasia
D50 OK Chorale
D50 Shakuhuchi
D50 Spacious Sweep
Linn LM1
Emu Drumulator
Yamaha RX11
Roland TR-707
Moog Killer Bass
Moog Pluck Bass
Prophet 5 Sync Lead
Prophet 5 Warm Pad
Natural Oboe
Solo Violin
Polysix Dirty Bass
Polysix Filthy Bass
Virus Garbage Bass
Virus Waste Bass
2001 Brass
Long Horn Falls
Short Sax Gang
Trumpet Section
Analogue Bright Pad
Analogue Dream Pad
Analogue Warmth OB8
Majestic Pad
African Percussion
Natural Marimba
Tom’s Marimba
Tribal Drums
‘It’s A Sin’ Strings
Virus AIR Patch
Virus Phaser Sweep
Virus Piano Pad
Akai MPC60 Kicks
Akai MPC60 Snares
Akai MPC60 Hi Hats
Akai MPC60 Cymbals
Akai MPC60 Percussion 1
Akai MPC60 Percussion 2
Raveolution Hi-Hats
Raveolution Kicks
Raveolution Percussion 1
Raveolution Percussion 2
Raveolution Percussion 3
Raveolution Snares
Studio 440 Cymbals
Studio 440 Hi Hats
Studio 440 Kicks
Studio 440 Percussion
Studio 440 Snares
Virus Bass Dirty Squelch
Virus Click Bass
Virus Techno Bass
Jazz Rod Kit
Jazz Brushes Kit
Analogue Rise
Analogue Warmth
Analogue Sweep Warmth
Morphing Pad
SR16 Patch + Bonus
JX3P Gangsta Pad
JX3P Pad 2
JX3P Pad
JX3P Rich Strings
JX3P Warm Pad
Oberheim DX
CZ101 Bells
CZ101 Brass
CZ101 Ensemble
CZ101 Strings
CZ101 Bass 1
CZ101 Bass 2
CZ101 Bass 3
CZ101 Bass 4
80’s Dance Drums
Monster Dance Kit
Techno Beatbox Percussion
Techno Kit
Emu Procussion
D50 Brightness
D50 Halo Pad
Triton Multi Choir
Triton Voices
Trombone Solo
Trumpet Mute
Trumpet Soft
Trumpet Solo
Yamaha Maple Custom Kit
1977 Rickenbacker 4001 Bass
1985 Rickenbacker 4003 Bass
2007 Rickenbacker 620 12 String
2007 620 Chords
Triton Modern Strings
Triton The Symphony
Triton Stereo Strings
Triton Marcato Strings
Triton Lead Guitar
Triton Mandolin
Triton Nylon Guitar
Triton Power Chords Plus
MTD Pick Bass
MTD Short Bass
Yamaha Bass
TB303 Bass 1
TB303 Bass 2
TB303 Bass 3
TB303 Bass 4
TB303 Bass 5
TB303 Bass 6
TB303 Bass 7
TB303 Bass 8
TB303 Bass 9
TB303 Bass 10
TB303 Bass 11
TB303 Bass 12
Chris Dee Drum Kit 1
Chris Dee Drum Kit 2
Chris Dee Drum Kit 3
Nord Dark Pad
Nord Detune Vox
Nord Phaser Pad
Nord Warm Strings

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Sax f Staccatto
Sax mf no vibrato
Sax mf with sustain and vibrato
Sax pp with vibrato
N364 Trumpet
N364 Harmonica
Triton Harp
Triton Clarinet
Taylor 414ce Acoustic
Motif Night Watch
Motif Noise Rez
Motif String Bell
Motif Wireman
Poly Six Square
Poly Six Velo Filter
Poly Six Stab Saw
Poly Six Flange Lead
Beautiful Bowed Strings
Slow Strings
Noble Strings
Dream Strings
Roland TR77
Harpsichord Small
Harpsichord Full
Harpsichord New
DX21 Harpsichord
Fender Precision J Bridge
Fender Precision P Bridge
Fender Precision PJ Bridge
Fender Precision PJ
Yamaha Electric Grand
Roland RD1000
Kurzweil SP88
Hohner Clavinet
Polysix Growl Bass
Polysix Square Bass
Polysix Dance Bass
Polysix Fat Bass
Fender Rhodes Bass
Violin Arco Vibrato
Violin Arco
Violin Spiccato
Violin Pizz Vibrato
Violin Pizz
Tremolo Violin
Cello Sus p
Cello Sus mf
Cello Stac f
Cello Stac mf
Cello Pizz
Cello Gliss
Cello Rhythm
Cello FX
FM Harp
FM Mallet
FM Clav
FM Metal Guitar
Nylon Guitar 1
Nylon Guitar 2
Mell Violins
Mello Strings
Melltoron Choir 1
Mellotron Choir 2
70’s Sweet Lead
Funkmaster Lead
Organic Lead
Big Fat One
JV Bass 1
Minimoog Funk Bass
MKS Bass
Moog Dance Bass
Fantom Concert Piano
Fantom So True Piano
Fantom Stage Rhodes
Fantom Tine Rhodes
Bells and Gongs
Assorted World Percussion
Indian Drums
Bata Drums
Virus EuroBass 1
Virus EuroBass 2
Virus EuroBass 3
Virus EuroBass 4
HT700 Moonsweep
HT700 Lunar Wind
HT700 Alien Squelch
HT700 Twilight Zone
Pro Hip Hop Kit
CZ101 Crispy Xylophone
CZ101 Toy Synth
CZ101 Vibraphone
CZ101 Fairytale
Oil Cans
Elka Arpy Bell
Elka Dancing Arp
Synthex Strings
Elka Synthex Brassy
Atmospheric Gongs
Atmospheric Hits
Tuned Bell
Tuned Journey Bell
Tabla Na
Tabla Ta
Tabla Tin
Tabla Taka
Tabla Ghe Open
Tabla Ghe Bend
D50 Halo Pad II
D50 Metallic Pad
D50 Soundtrack
D50 Warm Pad
Steel Wound Nylon guitar
Soft Acoustic Guitar
Ovation Acoustic Guitar
12 String Acoustic
MKI Rhodes
Fender Rhodes 73
DX7II Electric Piano
Distortion Patch
Distorted MG
Dirty Voltage
Sonic Vampire
Haris Studio Kit
Analogue Drum Set
Woodwind Section 1
Woodwind Section 2
Rods Kit 1
Jazz Brush Kit
Jazz Drum Kit
Light Jazz Drum Kit
Telecaster Custom
Classic Strings 1
Classic Strings 2
Classic Strings 3
Classic Strings 4
New York Hip Hop Kit 1
New York Hip Hop Kit 2
FM Piano 1
FM Piano 2
FM Piano 3
FM Piano 4
Electric Guitar with gentle distortion
Electric Guitar with Comp
Electric Guitar with gentle distortion 2
Jazz Guitar
ARP2600 Strings 1
ARP2600 Strings 2
ARP2600 Strings 3
Yamaha 4 String Bass 1
Yamaha 4 String Bass 2
Yamaha 4 String Mute Bass
Yamaha 4 String Picked Bass
Steinway C Grand
SY22 12String
They Are Coming
Out There
JP8000 Pad
JP8000 Cluster
JP8000 Space Pad
JP8000 Suck In Pad
JP6 Chorus Strings
JP6 Pad
JP6 Dance Synth
JP8000 Huge Bass
Novation Supernova 1
Novation Supernova 2
Novation Supernova 3
Novation Supernova 4
Novation Supernova 5
Novation Supernova 6
English Horn
Contra bassoon
Bass Clarinet
Virus White Horse Bass
Virus Dancer Bass
Virus Stereo Dance Bass
Virus Filter Bass
Attack Horns
Symphonic Horns
Film Horns

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DJ Glo Jenkn
Funky Finger
Nylon Arp
Org De Borg
Pinky Fingers
Q Boro
Quiet Time
Wah Getarrs
Spectral Synth 1
Spectral Synth 2
Spectral Synth 3
Spectral Synth 4
FM Hard Bass 1
FM Hard Bass 2
FM Hard Bass 3
FM Hard Bass 4
Trance Hook
Fresh Cut
Wave Panner 
Trumpet Long
Trumpet Short
Trumpet Mute
Trumpet Solo
Pro Fretless Bass
Pro Acoustic Upright Bass
PolyMoog Strings 1
PolyMoog Strings 2
Rid Zep PWM
FS1R Nebulous
PWM Shift
Polyvox Humana
Tibetan Lute
Huge DX Tine Piano
Huge Analogue Strings
Dance Verb
Monster Vintage Pad
Epiphone Bass
Vintage Jazz Bass
Epiphone Bass
Vintage 60’s Bass
Metal Choir
PPG Spectra
5th Slam Pad
PPG Phaze Sweep
Bomb Bass - Jay-J
Congas - Jay-J
Pad X3 - Jay-J
Arp Odessey - Arp Brassy or Piano?
Arp Odessey - Hard Bass
Arp Odessey - Synth Swell
Arp Odessey - Synth Clav
G-Town Church Darbuka
G-Town Church Anvils 1
G-Town Church Anvils 2
G-Town Stomps
Roland Jupiter 8 Warm Pad
Roland Jupiter 8 Motion
Roland Jupiter 8 Strings
Korg Wavestation X-rez Bass
Korg Wavestation Moving Pad
Korg Wavestation Vector Strings
Korg Wavestation Hard Pad
Korg Wavestation Ocean
Korg Wavestation Piano
Beth’s Toy Piano
All Clad 4 Quart Saute
Telecaster AC30 Awesome Patch
Tama Rockstar Kit
Yamaha CS80 Strings 1
Yamaha CS80 Strings 2
Yamaha CS80 Strings 3
Fantom Doze Bass
Fantom Enerjizer Bass
Fantom Kickin Bass
Pro Marimba 1
Pro Marimba 2
Fantom Euro Kit
Fantom Electronica Kit
Fantom Synthetic Kit
Edgy Poly Synth
Edgy Poly Synth 2
Edgy Poly Synth 3
Ibanez Rock Bass
Moog Taurus Bass Pedals 1
Moog Taurus Bass Pedals 2
Moog Taurus Bass Pedals 3
Moog Taurus Bass Pedals 4
PPG Wave 1
PPG Wave 2
PPG Wave 3
PPG Wave 4
Fingered AC Gtr
Pro Solo Trumpet 1
Pro Solo Trumpet 2
Warm Solo Trombone 1
Warm Solo Trombone 2
Soundscape - Climie Rise
Soundscape - Dreamscape
Soundscape - Orgasmic
Soundscape - Underground Siren
Mellotron Orchestra Brass
Mellotron Church Choir
Mellotron Flute
Hard Dance Synth 1
Hard Dance Synth 2
Hard Dance Synth 3
Hard Dance Synth 4
Hard Electric Piano
Stereo Funky Clav
Clang Electric Piano
Synthetic Electric Piano
Fantom Vibrations
Fantom Ethno Keys
Fantom Kalimbells
Retro Dance Kit 1
Retro Dance Kit 2
Retro Dance Kit 3
Dance Synth 1
Dance Synth 2
Dance Synth 3
Dance Synth 4
Dance Synth 5
Dance Synth 6
Dance Synth 7
Dance Synth 8
Dance Synth 9
Dance Synth 10
Dance Synth 11
Dance Synth 12
Dance Synth 13
Dance Synth 14
Dance Synth 15
Dance Synth 16
Dance Synth 17
Dance Synth 18
Dance Synth 22
Dance Synth 23
Dance Synth 24
Dance Synth 25
Dance Synth 26
Dance Synth 27
Dance Synth 28
Christmas Bells
Christmas Sleigh Bells
JV80 Strings Patch
Fairlight Voices
D50 Glassness
D50 Iced
Alembic Bass
Fretless Bass
Ken Smith Bass
Nord Bass 1
Nord Bass 2
Nord Bass 3
Nord Bass 4
Nord Bass 5
G Town FX Cymbals
G Town Small Plate
G Town Glockenspiel
G Town Waterbowl
G Town Church Wood Pipe
Juno 106 Mono Bass 1
Juno 106 Mono Bass 2
Juno 106 Mono Bass 3
Juno 106 Mono Bass 4
Vintage Synth - Moogie Nights
Vintage Synth - Kraftgirl
Vintage Synth - Juno Monster
Vintage Synth - Bronksi
Vintage Synth - Beautiful
Vintage Synth - Alienz
Vintage B3 - Whiter Shade
Vintage B3 - Clicky B3
Vintage B3 - Warm B3
Vintage B3 - Smooth B3
Oscar Synth 1
Oscar Synth 2
Oscar Synth 3
Oscar Synth 4
Oscar Synth 5
Oscar Synth 6
Oscar Synth 7
Oscar Synth 8
Oscar Synth 9
Oscar Synth 10
Prophet 10 Bowed Pad
Prophet 10 Digital Edge
Prophet 10 Organ
Prophet 10 Orchestra
Prophet 10 Poly Synth
Prophet 10 Poly Synth 2
Prophet 10 Piano
Prophet 10 Squelch
Prophet 10 Poly Synth
Prophet 10 Bowed
Prophet 10 Hard Edge
Moog Super Sweep
Moog Hi String Patch